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Blue Moon Bathing Hampshire & Dorset

Blue Moon Bathing specialise in bathroom adaptions for the less able, offering solutions from Walk-in Baths to Easy Access Showers and Wet Rooms.

Blue Moon Bathing offer Local supply and installation services in Hampshire and Dorset and the surrounding local areas.

As we grow older getting in and out of a bath or a high step shower can prove difficult and sometimes dangerous. Changing the existing bath to a walk-in bath or shower means we can still enjoy the pleasure of bathing in a safer environment. 

Where a level access is required, eg. for a wheelchair user or where space is limited, the creation of a wet room area within the bathroom is a practical alternative.  

Our web site shows just a sample of the bathroom installations on offer.
We would be happy to take a look at your current bathroom and provide you
with a free of charge survey and quotation for a solution to address your needs.

We have helped many local people regain their freedom and independence in the bathroom and I am sure we can help you.